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Absinth night out - best way how to get to know Prague night life at your hen night out. Prague absinth night life tour with Hen Prague. Absinth night - legal only in Prague!

About Stag Activity

Find out secrets of the green fairie during Absinth Night in Prague. Your guide will take you into two very popular czech bars and explain to you what it is about Absinth that makes people want to drink it. There is also a specific way of drinking Absinth that you need to know not to ridicule yourself in front of others who know (or had been on our popular Absinth drinking tour). After experiencing the absinth you can get your head back to balance with two complimentary drinks of your choice (beer, wine or soft drink). Absinth Night is available all year round.

We provide

  • Three hour bar crawl
  • Visit of three bars
  • One absinth
  • One drink (beer or wine or soft drink)
  • Male guide
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Price Per Person: € 19, £ 17
Minimum number of people: 5
Approximate duration: 0 hours *
Location: Prague

* The approximate duration of activity includes transfers and is calculated with minimum required number of people.

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The walking tour was really enjoyable. We have experienced a wonderful mixture of activities/events over here in Prague - Dinner, Banquet, SPA, Castle visiting, tram etc. Thank you for collecing us on...

Seema Solani - 23/03/2013
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