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About Prague

Prague is the largest and capital city of the Czech republic. This historical city is situated on the Vltava river, and it is a home to approximately 1.3 million citizens. Actually, many visitors give the nickname to Prague as "Paris of the Central Europe". 

The historical of Prague right in the heart of Europe is an exceptionally valuable urban monument zone. This central zone is truly large, including Hradcany and Prague Castle, Old Town, Charles Bridge and Jewish Quarter Josefov. One moment you are in quite wide open spaces the next you are on the narrowest and most picturesque of cobbles stoned streets where the ancient buildings on either side seem to almost breathe down upon you. The Old Town of Prague is indeed in some parts so old with Romanesque architecture side by side with almost as old Gothic that little wonder even today it is often referred to as Stone Prague. Moreover, this historical part of Prague offers many great restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs, which there are full of people that magical atmosphere is guaranteed.

On the other hand, Prague has second face of the potential in the tourism. You might be surprised, but Prague is great location for making stag do parties. Especially, Prague nightlife offers the stag groups many opportunities how to fully enjoy their stag weekend. Also sport activities are very well. If we should recommend something extraordinary, you have to try gun shooting, mud wrestling, beer wellness, or very popular sky diving. If you want to stay in Prague two or more nights, basically, you should have no problems with accommodation. There are some different kinds of the accommodation.

Prague presents one of the most excited cities in the Europe, whether you are a fan of history and various entertainments in the style: stag do weekends.

Basic Information:

Borders with countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland
Political classification: Member of EU
Area of Prague: 496 square km
Population of Prague: 1,21 million official inhabitants
Executive language: Czech language (L2 = English language)
Currency: Czech crown (CZK), 100 CZK = 3.20 GBP or 4 EUR
The price of beer: 1-2 GBP
Time Zone: Central European Time, GMT+1, in summer GMT+2
Traffic in Prague: tram, bus, car, metro, taxi
Important tel. Numbers:  Fire 150, Ambulance 155, Police 158, Road assistance 1230

For more information visit the City of Prague's official website: www.cityofprague.com or Prague city guide.


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The walking tour was really enjoyable. We have experienced a wonderful mixture of activities/events over here in Prague - Dinner, Banquet, SPA, Castle visiting, tram etc. Thank you for collecing us on...

Seema Solani - 23/03/2013
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